Cllr Tania Doyle on ‘that road’


Cllr Tania Doyle

| N3/N4 Link Route |

Within the National Transport Plan, it is planned that a link up will be developed between the N3 and the N4. This routing has proved controversial particularly in that a route through the Green Flag Public Park @ St Catherine’s was proposed by way of “an indicative line” within the County Development Plan 2017-2023. This “line” would link up with the existing road network of Dublin 15 particularly in the vicinity of Ongar/Beechfield and Littlepace. This combination would clearly be irrevocably detrimental. I have been a vocal supporter of the Save St Catherine’s Park campaign launched a number of years ago by the community in Leixlip/Lucan. In the last term my own lobbying was instrumental in having the proposal to have a deviation to the County Dev Plan instituted which has lead to Officials of the Council and the NTA engaging on how to advance. I have tabled a Question for response @ the Local Area Meeting on the 05th of Sept as to the status of the engagements and I will advise you as soon as I have it.

I have attached a copy of existing routes linking the N3 to the N4 and vice versa. It is an extract from a scoping document prepared for Transport Infrastructure Ireland and it’s clear that a majority are through or adjacent to already max capacity residential housing developments. However one existing route is clearly the most suitable and it’s Route 5 (Pink). It routes North West of Clonee and as such avoids major developments within D15. In essence it routes through essentially “greenfield” areas whose existing road network can be appropriately developed to accommodate the link route and it does not route through St Catherine’s Park either which preserves the integrity of this Green Flag amenity.

I’d like to hear your own thoughts on this which I can take into the Chamber next week, post on FB or email me –

One Comment on “Cllr Tania Doyle on ‘that road’

  1. I am against putting any road that would impact on the integrity of St Catherines park. It is a much loved amenity for all who live in Lucan and Leixlip and is a credit to Fingal Co Co and Kildare Co Co. So for the sake of saving a few extra miles in the electric vehicles of the future don’t even partially undo your great work.



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