Our Park Is Not Safe!

You could be forgiven for thinking our park is safe. It is sadly not so.

Many of our group members who use the park regularly are meeting people all the time, and we hear feedback from them that they believe the park is safe. Great news! But they are wrong. And here’s why.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and the National Transport Authority (NTA) are actively looking at route options to join the N4 to the N3. This is not dissimilar to the Fingal Co. Co. ‘indicative line’ road which cuts through the park.

Our group met with TII and the NTA’s Director of Transport Investment, Hugh Creegan earlier this year, and learned that a study is underway to identify routes to join these two motorways.

The initial report identified 11 routes, 4 of which go through St. Catherine’s Park.

The next phase is to identify a preferred option. Even an avid gambler would not take those odds, if offered. And we don’t like them either. And nor should you.

So we, as the Save St. Catherine’s Park Group, will continue to fight and pressurise those in charge to remove our fantastic park from this study. It may make sense to build such a link road, but it makes absolutely NO sense to plough it through one of the best public parks in the province.

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