Park Amenities

With 200 acres of wood and grassland, St. Catherine’s Park caters for all ages and a wide range of activities. The simplest way to enjoy the park is to take a stroll along the many kilometres of paths. You can enjoy the more formal setting of the northern end of the park in both Fingal and Kildare, with open grassland, formal paths and planting, or go a little ‘off road’ in the wooded area to the eastern end of the park, overlooking the river.

You can also cross the Liffey and enjoy a pleasant walk along the river bank towards Lucan, past the wier and sluice, where there is an exit for pedestrians, at Lucan.

The park is also popular with joggers, and along some of the paths, outdoor exercise equipment has been installed. Cycling is permitted in some sections, and of course, caution is advised, along with common courtesy.

For cyclists who need a bigger adrenaline hit, there is a proper BMX track near the Lucan car park (access from the Clonee Road). This activity is run by Lucan BMX. See their website for more details. Kayaking is also popular above and below the sluice/weir on the Liffey. This venue has hosted the Irish Canoe Slalom Open in the past, and the sluice is a popular spot to watch the Liffey Descent Canoe Race.

There is a wonderful new playground near the main Lucan car park. Behind this is an open space often used for cricket, and nearby are several football and Gaelic pitches.

The dog park is a popular venue. Fully contained within the park itself, this large, fenced-off area is a perfect place for dog owners to let their pets off their leashes and have a good run around.

The wildlife of St. Catherine’s is also an attraction in its own right, and it’s not uncommon to see photographers along the river, waiting to capture a Kingfisher in flight, or a Heron out hunting. Or even an elusive Little Egret.

The park is managed by three local authorities, and as with all public amenities, standard bye-laws apply. Everyone can enjoy St. Catherine’s if we respect other park users, and make sure to keep the park litter-free, and to clean up after our pets.

See the official website for more details.

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