A Sensory Garden for St. Catherine’s Park


We are Save St Catherine’s Park Group and the park in question covers a large area of North Kildare and West Dublin. It is an ancient site with ruins of a 12th century penal church and includes St Catherine’s Well, where it got its name. There is a playground for the children, a BMX track for the sporty, along with numerous playing fields and woodland trails. There is even a dog run for our canine pets to run free. We have a beautiful park.

Unfortunately, there is no facility within our park for people with disabilities, physical or mental. We would like to change that by introducing a Sensory Garden. This will ensure the park is inclusive of all members within our society.

We envisage a Sensory Garden with emphasis on access, colour, touch and sound.
Seating will allow for reflection and/or interaction with others, depending on where people choose to sit along the wheelchair-friendly pathways. The garden will be situated in close proximity to a car park for ease of access. Signage will include braille. A professional design has been drawn up, and work should begin in Spring 2019.

To date we have received a Pride of Place award from Intel who are delighted to become involved in such a worthy cause. Kildare County Council have given permission for this project within St Catherine’s Park and an application has been sent for an Enhancement Grant. Local Councillors are aware of this plan and we hope for a donation from their December budget.

However, we need help to meet our target of €50K. The group have a bank a/c with AIB in Leixlip. Details can be provided.

Thank you for your time and we hope you will give the Sensory Garden consideration for funding as it will benefit communities across a wide area.

Yours sincerely,
Save St Catherine’s Park Group.

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